Friday, March 18, 2011

Online Portfolio Updated

After fighting with java and css coding for a few days I am (for the most part) satisfied with my updated with my online portfolio. Previously I threw together the most simplistic online portfolio I could with my limited coding knowledge, and before that - this blog was my online portfolio haha. Lately I have been feeling extraordinarily inspired and not only growing artistically, but I have also been working on my coding skills. I will not insult web designers by adding web design to my skills yet, but I hope to add that to my titles in the very near future. Updated Portfolio

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Carsamonte Web Banner and Logo

One of my latest designs is this logo and web banner for Carsamonte Publishing, which is the publisher of the book I illustrated Ptolemei. Above are some color variations the two logos my client picked. The bottom two logos were chosen, but I still thought some may enjoy seeing the other routes it could have went. Below are the two web banners that were chosen. Although I like both of them, I believe the logo pops more on the gray, although the top one stays true to the original color of "Publishing".