Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photography- Candy Shop Fashion Show

I must say that hands down this was the best fashion show I've had the pleasure of attending in Atlanta. As someone that gets easily bored at events over an 1hr and a half, this one held my interest way beyond my usual span. Not only because my unusual addiction to sweets was fulfilled; and this show provided them left and right, from cotton candy to chocolate bars to mini cupcakes :) but everything was outstanding, the models, the fashion, the celeb appearances and interaction... I am sure everyone who contributed to this show is very proud.

On the left is Chilli from music group TLC and from VH1's "What Chilli Wants". On photo to the right is Jazzy Pha new artist Reign, in the center. Between 2 of the casts members from the upcoming reality show “The JC”. The show will take place in one of Atlanta’s leading suburbs, Johns Creek, Georgia similar to The Hills according to the cast in the above photo.

On the left is the cocky Ray Lavendar (TV1's Omarosa: The Ultimate Merger). On the right is the stunning Recording Artist/Model Graham Knox between two of the shows models.

Brandi of music group Blaque hits the pink carpet (on the left.) On the right is the edgy Kalenna (from Diddy dirty money)

Two of the men behind the fashion are seen above. On the left is Julian Lark, editor and chief of Kontrol. On the right is Esquire, creator of Esquire Casting.

Here are just a few of the hot styles and wardrobe I saw during the show. It was hard to decide which photos to display. Below you can see Brandi of Blaque decided to join in on the fun, can you tell which one is her? hint look at the walks. lol

One of the highlights of the show was seeing this "Dougie dance off" between Chilli, Neffe (BET's Frankie and Neffe show), Jazzy Pha new artist Reign (who seemed to thoroughly enjoy every moment of spotlight).

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After a little over a year, hard work has paid off with the completion of Ptolemei. My longest yet most prized illustration project to date. Right now it is undergoing editing stages, but the hard part is over for the first book of its series. The author and I share similar aspirations and dreams for this series which basically are limitless. We want to see this book on shelves, merchandise, action figures, maybe even made into a video game and series. Ptolemei is an extradordinary boy who adventurous spirit learns and grows in his beautiful country in Africa. I believe the release of this story could not enter this country at a better time. I believe the children of this generation are less bound by racial ideas and will welcome Ptolemei, or any hero, regardless of race but will see them for the content of their character as the late Martin Luther King wanted.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Disney XD New Series: "Pair of Kings"

I couldn't resist being an event photographer for Kontrol Mag for this special event, Disney has always been a huge mentor and influence with my drawing style. This private premiere took place at Ludacris restaurant Straits in midtown Atlanta. I've passed by this spot numerous times, but it was the first time I had the pleasure of trying their Asian influenced cuisine (I recommend the wings). The event was hosted by one of the stars of the series, Doc Shaw (Marcus on “The Suite Life on Deck”) and his mother Tammie Shaw. Both were kind and gracious to the children and parents who came out to view the premiere and share the food that was provided. I secretly wanted a gift bag that was put together for the kids, but I was only able to snag a poster. Karma Bridges (Ludacris daughter) was there eagerly awaiting media to take her pics along with her mother Christine. We also ran into the sweet actress Terri Vaughn and her son Daylen. Here are just a few pictures from the event, for more check out Kontrol Mag Blog.