Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here was a book page that presented quite a challenge during its creation. Originally we did not want to depict this African community as the stereotypical primitive village we always see on TV. We felt that in 2010 it was unlikely Africa was still that way, but after doing research we found that a vast majority of Africa is actually still not modernized. With that being the case, I changed my focus from finding a "modern" village to exalting the beauty of the African land and a close knit community. Creating the characters for this page is always fun. Above I show the process as some of the new characters went from sketches, to ink, to flat color, and then to fully colored. You can see the sketch of the woman was the only one revised before inking, along with her instrument.

Monday, August 2, 2010

GRAPHIC DESIGN - My Business Cards

So here is my business card. This is a design I've been wanting to share for quite some time with you all, but I never posted them online because previously they had my cell number (this number is my business #). It always seems to be the most challenging to design things for yourself. I went back and forth for weeks about how I wanted to design my card and finally I found inspiration in the black card a.k.a. the American Express ultra exclusive centurion card. The power the black card gives its possessors is very similar to the power I want to give my clients that I hand my card to. This card should be a reminder of the commitment I make to them. With my card in their possession they now have an experienced designer on their team, not just a "one and done" engagement. I intend to be a reoccurring force in the lives of my clients, and look forward sharing my compelling visions along with an outstanding delivery.