Monday, August 2, 2010

GRAPHIC DESIGN - My Business Cards

So here is my business card. This is a design I've been wanting to share for quite some time with you all, but I never posted them online because previously they had my cell number (this number is my business #). It always seems to be the most challenging to design things for yourself. I went back and forth for weeks about how I wanted to design my card and finally I found inspiration in the black card a.k.a. the American Express ultra exclusive centurion card. The power the black card gives its possessors is very similar to the power I want to give my clients that I hand my card to. This card should be a reminder of the commitment I make to them. With my card in their possession they now have an experienced designer on their team, not just a "one and done" engagement. I intend to be a reoccurring force in the lives of my clients, and look forward sharing my compelling visions along with an outstanding delivery.

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