Saturday, September 18, 2010


After a little over a year, hard work has paid off with the completion of Ptolemei. My longest yet most prized illustration project to date. Right now it is undergoing editing stages, but the hard part is over for the first book of its series. The author and I share similar aspirations and dreams for this series which basically are limitless. We want to see this book on shelves, merchandise, action figures, maybe even made into a video game and series. Ptolemei is an extradordinary boy who adventurous spirit learns and grows in his beautiful country in Africa. I believe the release of this story could not enter this country at a better time. I believe the children of this generation are less bound by racial ideas and will welcome Ptolemei, or any hero, regardless of race but will see them for the content of their character as the late Martin Luther King wanted.

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