Sunday, October 31, 2010

Event Photography - Kandi's Masquerade Party

Friday night we had the opportunity to attend a masquerade party hosted by Bravo's Housewife, and former Xscape member Kandi. Originally I thought Kandi randomly rented this boutique for her masquerade party just as another event around Halloween, but the truth is much more impressive. This event was held in celebration of her one year anniversary of her store Tags located in Smyrna. Kandi encouraged her guests to have a good time with plenty of dancing (including pole dancing), good food, and she even provided little gift bags.

I attended with my three friends from left to right, Julian Lark (Editor and Chief of Kontrol Magazine), Casting Director Esquire, and Angela Mincey (Lifestyle and Articles Editor for Kontrol) who holds up her Tags gift bags. Check out Kontrol blog on Kandi's Event.

Kandi ensured the party maintained its energy by joining in dancing and even performing a few of her own hits.

This random lady surprised me in her classy attire by expertly jumping on the pole in this prom like dress. I never seen anything like it, but I was impressed and had to share it with you all.

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