Monday, January 10, 2011

Event Photography- Travis Porter Concert=Yung Joc Brawl

Another throwback event I felt was blog worthy was a a fan appreciation concert turned bad.
"Travis Porter joined forces with XXL Magazine to present the “Fan Appreciation Concert:A Giving Celebration“. This was free concert honoring community leaders that have been an inspiration to the youth. Toy bikes were given out, which definitely wasn’t a problem until Yung Joc and his Swag TEAM affiliates showed up to save the day ( sarcastic voice). First of all, there were like 3000 people on stage; bad idea. Joc got super upset when they cut his performance short, which triggered one of about four fights that night. This all equates to the possibility of those bikes being used as weapons to crack somebodies head open, which thank GOD didn’t happen, but with all that pride floating through the air, I’m sure satan could’ve snow boarded right on into the conversation." -Kontrol Blog

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