Monday, February 16, 2009

"Finished Banners" and New TG Logo

Well they definitely didn't approve of me tweaking the SGA logo so I had to rearrange somthings, lol along with adding a new character to the story to further emphasize GA States diversity... I do think the fourth person adds more balance, but I do miss having the torch below the IS.. Unfortunately its the designers decision on the final design. o_O

Here are the two banners I was asked to create in their final stages. The photo on the Tighter Grip banner features the actual director of marketing for Tighter Grip with an cool effect I created around him. I am still not completely satisfied with the logo, but maybe I should let it go since they are satisfied with it. The SGA Banner called for a more conservative, friendly look. I attempted to express GSU's diversity with photos of random students, and the multi-colored silhouettes. I had to tweak the SGA border to make it work with the banner. :)

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