Monday, February 9, 2009

Social Justice Project & Tighter Grip Logo

These are incomplete logo designs for two organizations on campus, the Social Justice Project and Tighter Grip. I have more exploring to do with the Social Justice logo, but I like where both of those are going. Yes, the 2nd one intentionally resembles the batman symbol :) The Tighter Grip logo is one I already created (on the right), but I seriously dislike it and want to remodel it. Unfortunately the president of the club is not feeling where my design on left is going. I will continue to push it though.


  1. These are all really cool. I like the Social Justice on a lot, but I love birds in general. haha. But seriously, I really like it.

  2. LOL I really appreciate it! I was going to do more drafts for the Social Justice but they are already sold on the first one.