Monday, July 12, 2010

FUN - The Big Frog Expedition

This past Sunday I had the thrill of rafting in Tennessee. A cool new experience that has opened my curiosity up to many other experiences I have yet to try. This trip was a 2hr journey north of Atlanta. For any interested in trying out this experience I strongly recommend water shoes and not choosing a raft that has children on it (the guide will be forced to take a more cautious route and make it more into a tour). On our raft we had twin girls probably around 12 (wearing way too heavy make up for their age if you ask me) and the guide was telling us about how a few years ago a major landslide caused rocks fall onto the road and as people came to check it, more rocks started to fall. One of the girls was like, "Wow that sounds like one of those situations where right before it happens your on the road and your car breaks down right below it.... and your door won't unlock... and your seat belt won't unbuckle." haha I thought it was funny, almost as funny as when the water splashing caused her make up to run, and the guide was like "You look like you just broke up with your boyfriend," and the other twin said "Oh Girl!! I got you!" and she wiped away the running mascara from her twins face. Oh, if you have the opportunity to jump out the raft (not in fast/dangerous rapids) make sure you do!

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