Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY - Shooting at Dusk

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Here's a shoot at the park along with Trey (Photographer Trey FX) and model Jeremy Jackson. Its always fun to shoot with other photographers to learn and share techniques. We shot this while the sun was setting so lightening was pretty good, but the mosquitoes were attacking us with no mercy! Meanwhile the ducks were pretty bold, especially the one pictured above who came within a foot of me showing no fear, I called him Divo Duck because he let me shoot him in every angle, and gave me a wide variety of poses ::sigh:: a photographers dream.
There was one point where we saw a family fishing out of the lake at this park. It was slightly disturbing since the water was a greenish color (which is why I changed the color balance on the photos I used with my logo.) Below is a shot I was able to get of them, while pretending to shoot pictures of Trey (although he believed he was the focus the whole time.) I believe the family spotted me getting shots of them and dashed to leave the scene. As they passed us Jeremy said, "Are ya'll going to eat those fish???" They politely ignored him and continued to flee the park.

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  1. This is great work! Very Cool And You Caught the Moment!