Sunday, July 11, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY - Kiddunot 2yr Anniversary

The above photos were taken at's 2 year anniversary. In the above photos are the Voices of Kiddunot, KodakBoi and J.Cherry, Esquire (from Esquire Casting), along with Nivea and Dwight (from housewives of Atlanta). I believe there were other well known/established people at this event, but I didn't know of them. One of the funniest moments at this event was when I met the creator of Kontrol magazine. I was sitting along with him and a few mutual friends having conversation that somehow led to asking him if he knew the waitress name. He didn't, and our friend was like, "See you've become so big you ignore the little people!" My friend then gestures towards me and says, "Do you even know his name by now?" And the Editor and chief of Kontrol confidently blurts out, "Yeah, Brandon!" My name is Brian if you don't know by now. Yet I wasn't offended at all, infact I was pretty impressed he was so close. He kept apologizing and reassured him it was fine, because in my mind I was thinking I don't even know your name. I later saw it on the business card, Julian Lark. Great guy, I really respect his hustle and I think he is doing great things, so much it inspired me to get on top of some stuff. Anyways, if I took a photo of you at this event and you would like to have it- (Don't get crazy tho ;) ).

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