Sunday, July 18, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY- America The Great

And this is for America. lol. This is from a shoot I did this past week, the shot I choose to display is probably not the strongest from the shoot, but I felt it was the best one to express the concept I had in mind. The conceptual goal of this shoot was glorify the American made Chrysler convertible - as a photographer my goal was to emphasize the American colors in this Southern setting with first time model Jamez Blount. Whether I work with a scared first time model, or a cocky first time model I always give the same advice - practice, practice practice. Which do you think listens? Neither. Modeling is a skill, no matter how attractive or unattractive a person is we all have the ability to be captured from an interesting perspective and as Tyra once said, "No one should look worse in photos, only the same or better." Being conscious of how you position your entire body and how its affected by different lightening is something I think no one can know naturally. With all this said this shoot was a learning experience for Jamez and a fun experiment for me I believe I got some cool shots :) Check out the models blog @

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