Saturday, July 10, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY - Summer 2010 - M I A M I

No long explanation is needed to explain my absence from updating my blog, I'm back now and its in my plans to keep it that way :). I have a few projects that I'll post for now, hopefully you all can enjoy and witness my growth as a Photographer, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer.

First I'll take you to Miami and show you some of my newest photography work. The lady above is Jessica, and its been a goal of mine to do a shoot on the beach for quite some time. There's nothing like shooting at the beach and I hope to have the pleasure many more times in my life.

*Biggest Regret* I did this shoot while wearing a polo for over 3hrs, I now have to battle my farmers tan the rest of the summer.

*Upcoming* This August I plan to buy photography lights to bring you all greater studio shots, its all about lightening...

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